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Nationwide Engineering

Since 1992, Duralum has invested over 2 million dollars in developing engineering documents certified by a National Rating Agency. These certifications insure that the product you receive meets or exceeds the State and local building requirements as outlined to Duralum by your contractor.

Our engineering standards will always meet or exceed your State, County, and City requirements as applicable. Whether you reside in a mostly sunny part of the country or in an area with higher loads due to elevation, snow loads, or increased wind exposures, Duralum has the engineering data to address our area. Your dealer will use our pre- engineered and easily referenced plans to speed up the building permit process.

You can be assured that you are not only receiving the highest quality product in the industry, but that the construction of your project is supported by third-party approved structural certification.

Duralum Engineering - Solid Panel Structures
Duralum Engineering - Open Lattice Structures
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